Kitchen Essentials

I was recently reading this and it got me thinking, what are my favorite kitchen accessories?  Here are 10 kitchen accessories I can't live without:

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Photo Source: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

KitchenAid Mixer - Honestly, how do people bake without this?  Available in a rainbow of colors with an array of attachments these mixers can do anything.

KitchenAid Pasta Attachment - I love fresh pasta, but the idea of making it was a little overwhelming.  Enter this wonder!  The three attachments let you effortlessly create angel hair, fettuccine, and sheets for lasagna, ravioli and more.  Obsessed.

Marble Rolling Pin - Another baking must-have.  The cool marble keeps dough from sticking too much, and the handles rotate on their own for easy use.  Plus I love how beautiful the natural marble is on the counter top.

Cuisinart Food Processor - A serious game-changer.  Sure, I don't mind chopping an onion from time to time, but this does the job more precise and about a million times faster.  Plus you can use it to grate cheese (hate that job!), make dough and even pull together quick dips and sauces.  (I use it for pesto constantly.)

OXO Food Containers - I'm a bit obsessed with these.  I put everything in theme - rice, pasta, cereal, coffee, sugar, flour, the list goes on.  The pop tops lock in moisture and are easy to stack inside the cabinet. 

Krups Coffee & Espresso Maker - As dedicated espresso drinkers, we use this gem daily, and I love the coffee pot option for company.

Nutrabullet - I was hot on the juicing-trend for a while, but then I read mixed messages about the real health benefits, not to mention the clean up.  We opted for the Nutrabullet since it's the best of both worlds - you're creating smoothies rather than just juices so you get the essential fiber, but the consistency is smooth and easy to drink.

Mini Food Grater - I use this cute little gadget all the time.  It's perfect for zesting, and I'm a huge zesting advocate.  I'd also imagine it would be great for creating perfect curls for chocolate...

Pizza Stone - We really like to make homemade pizza (this week was all about pepperoni and artichoke hearts with fra diavolo sauce), and pizza stones really do make a difference.  Since we can't seem to master the perfectly round pie, rectangular ones are a better fit.

Immersion Blender - This winter, we've been on a serious soup kick.  Oftentimes a recipe will ask that you blend a portion to give texture.  An immersion blender does the job of a traditional blender without the mess or the fear or spilling piping hot liquid - win-win.  

What are your favorites?


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