Flu Fake OUt

Photo Credit: Health

Photo Credit: Health

Do you remember 100 years ago when I was writing?  I know, I barely recall it either.  Life got busy, as it does, and then cold season happened.  In a big way.  Coughing, nose-blowing, voice gone, the works.  It's one of the busiest times of the year, so I pumped myself full of antibiotics and Airbourne and tackled 6 events in 2 1/2 weeks.  I wasn't contagious (thank you very much amoxicillin), but I still wasn't feeling (or let's face it, looking) so hot, BUT I was able to fake it.  Here's how:

- Wake Up Early.  I know, I know, this sounds crazy when you're feeling lousy.  Listen, sleep is important, especially when you're not feeling well, but you know you always feel the worst when you wake up and when you go to bed.  Wake up even just 10 minutes earlier than usual to give yourself time to pop a couple of Advil and get the worst part over.  You'll likely be moving a little slower than usual so adding that buffer will keep you on time. 

- Heat It Up.  Hot water with lemon, hot tea, hot showers.  Embrace them all.  Those extra couple of minutes are clutch here.  It's amazing what some hot water can do!

- Damage Control.  If you were blowing your nose like I was, you're bound to be red and raw.  Opt for a super nourishing moisturizer to keep dryness in check.  This one from VMV Hypoallergenics was my go-to (with this one at night for extra healing).  Spot treat redness with a tinted green concealer and then top of with a nude tone.  Curl your lashes and add an extra layer of mascara to your top lashes to open up your eyes.  Skip the lipstick since lips will likely be dry (another beautiful side effect), but add some color to your cheeks.  Look for a cream formula for a dewy, well-rested, so-not-sick look.  

- Pull It Together.  When you're not feeling well, there is the tendency to want throw on yoga pants and call it a day.  However I'm a big believer in "If you look good, you feel good, you do good."  And if there was ever a time when you need to do good, it's for a work function with your favorite magazine!  (Here's looking at you Vogue.)  Go for high impact, low maintenance pieces.  A no-fail LBD with a blazer, cashmere turtle neck with stand out accessories or a simple leather skirt paired with an chunk knit make it look like you put in effort, plus give you the cozy factor.  Double win.  Also, and maybe this is just me, but I feel like my hair never looks good when I feel sick.  I don't even try to force it to do anything, I simply pull it back in a simple pony or bun.  One less thing to worry about.  

-Drink More Fluids.  But for real.  Not only will you chase away that cold quicker, but your skin will thank you before AND after your sick spell.

Here's to feeling better, faster!


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