Mask Monday

Today was such a Monday.  Spring still seems miles away and after a crazy day filled with rude strangers, a jelly bean binge, late night conference calls and a house-hunting standstill, I was ready for some relaxation.  And a face mask was just the thing.   Today's weapon of choice, Philosphy's Purity Made Simple Deep Clean Mask.

 Promising a spa-like glow in 60 seconds, I was intrigued. It was just the sort of time commitment I could afford.  According to the directions, you are to massage a bit into clean, dry skin and then wash it off when the formula transitions from clear to white. True to it's promise, the creamy formula glides on, without any hint of exfoliation beads. It gave my ultra-sensitive skin a slight tingle (which I'm chocking up to it's deep cleaning powers) and then removed effortlessly.  It left my skin clean and fresh without being stripped and was the perfect base for applying my night serums.  I love that it is gentle enough that it can be used daily, and I can definitely see this mask working it's way into the rotation!

Have you tried it yet? 


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