Sips: Iced Latte

Mornings are my favorite part of the day.  It's calm and quiet, and I get to perch at the counter and leisurely read the paper, check out my favorite blogs and drink my coffee, totally unhurried. It's probably the most relaxing part of the day and, for me, helps start the morning off on the right foot.  

Having coffee prepped and ready to go is key, and, not surprisingly, we've been all about iced lattes.  Espresso (my favorite is Cafe Bustelo) instantly cooled and then later poured over iced and topped with cold milk.  Perfection.  (The key to any iced coffee treat is to avoid pouring the hot liquid over the ice.  No matter what you do, the ice will melt, and it will dilute the flavor.)

While I love iced lattes day to day, they don't really lend themselves to a crowd.  In that case, bring on the Iced Coffee!  This recipe from The Pioneer Woman is easy and makes enough for 24 servings.  Consider your next brunch handled.


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